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Lori and Mike WeddingAs your Wedding Officiant, I am honoured to spend a great deal of time helping you to prepare your wedding ceremony. The difference between a good ceremony and a great ceremony is in the planning and coordination. Your needs as a couple will determine which of my services will best suit your desires. Feel free to discuss any questions you have, as I am a very easy-going, flexible and down-to-earth person. My mission is to help you create your perfect day!

What is a Non-Denominational Ceremony?

A non-denominational ceremony is a ceremony that has a spiritual orientation rather than a basis in one particular religious denomination. Specific rituals, traditions and prayers may be discussed and included at your request.

Personalized Ceremony:

This captivating and truly inspiring 30 minute ceremony is for those who want to leave a lasting impression not only for their guests, but for themselves as well. Each couple will receive my ceremony template, and many ideas for music selections, readings and additional ceremony possibilities such as: The Lighting of the Marriage Candle, the Rose ceremony for their mothers and/or grandmothers, the Stone or Crystal Ceremony, The Sand Ceremony, The Wine Pouring Ceremony and The Blessing of the Hands. They will also receive a very detailed questionnaire which will help me to get to know them better. It will give them ideas to think about when planning their ceremony, and it will give me valuable information about their relationship such as;  where and when they met, how the engagement came about, and most importantly, what they love about each other and why they are attracted to one another.

Each couple will also receive a marriage license application, instructions on how to get their marriage license, tips on name changes, plus many more ideas to create a truly unique and personal wedding ceremony. They will also receive a letter confirming the date and time of the wedding ceremony and my commitment to arrive at the agreed upon location of their choice at least 20 to 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.

If your desire is to create a ceremony that will not only be a truly inspiring experience for you and your guests, but will be remembered and talked about long after the last dance, then the personalized ceremony is meant just for you!

Classic Ceremony:

This beautifully written 15 minute ceremony is for those who would like a lovely ceremony, but aren't particularly interested in contributing to the actual content of the ceremony.   Unlike the personalized ceremony, we do not meet for a consultation 4 weeks prior to the wedding, however we will go over the details of the ceremony on the phone the week of the wedding.  Should you choose to meet with me in person, there is an additional fee to be discussed upon confirmation.  It is my commitment to arrive at the location of your choice, at least 20 - 30 minutes prior to the agreed upon time to complete your license information, meet with you to confirm last minute details, and then help you "Tie the Knot"!

Civil Ceremony:

This 5 minute ceremony is for the couple on the move! Usually, a couple who chooses this type of ceremony is planning a wedding on a Tropical Island, and want to get the logistics out of the way before they leave.  Or a beautiful and inspiring ceremony is simply not important to them, and they just want to "make it legal"! It would only be appropriate to have your witnesses present for this type of ceremony as it literally takes just a few minutes.

There is an additional fee if you would like me to be present at your wedding rehearsal. All plans for the rehearsal need to be arranged well in advance by the couple, and confirmed with me to make sure it does not conflict with any other commitments.

A non-refundable deposit of $150 (includes HST), is due upon receipt of your confirmation letter. The balance is due 4 weeks prior to the ceremony, or at the wedding consultation.

"Love is not a matter of counting the years, but making the years count."
—Michelle St. Amand