Mandi's Promise

Wedding Ceremony
"Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise."
—Unknown author

Finding the right officiant to help you create the ceremony of your dreams is a task all on its own, that is if you know what it is you are looking for.

My promises to you as your wedding officiant are:

  • I will do everything I can to make sure you feel comfortable with me! Many times couples feel they will be judged because they don't go to church and don't want a religious ceremony.
  • There are no "rules" to follow in order for me to officiate at your ceremony.
  • My beliefs are my beliefs alone. I encourage everyone to follow their own journey. Having different ideas of what God means to you, is what individuality and spirituality is all about.
  • I am very open-minded and flexible.
  • I give you many choices and options to use in the ceremony. I believe that the more choices you have, the more creative and unique your personalized ceremony will be.
  • I know I'm not the least expensive officiant around, then again I bet you want a GREAT officiant, not a cheap one! Remember… I can do "a" wedding ceremony, or I can create "your" wedding ceremony!


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